Dashi is a Japanese ramen shop and izakaya (Japanese pub) in Downtown Durham, North Carolina. Centering on exquisite ramen noodle bowls, our menu also features innovative small plates and a unique sake and shochu list.

Dinner $30


  • KFC
  • Cucumber
  • Kimchi
  • Edamame


  • T O N K O T S U $ 1 5

    roasted pork belly, soy marinated soft egg*, mustard greens, bean sprouts, pickled onions, black garlic oil *gluten free option available

  • S H I O $ 1 4 50

    smoked local chicken, wakame sea weed, enoki mushroom, NC catfish kamaboko, soy marinated soft egg*, nori

  • M I S O $ 1 4

    local ground pork, marinated soft egg*, corn, bean sprouts, butter

  • S H O Y U $ 1 4 50

    shredded small local pork, woodear mushroom, NC catfish kamaboko, soy marinated soft egg*

  • KIMCHI $15

    pork belly chasu, kimchi, bean sprouts, soy marinated soft egg, silken tofu

  • V E G E T A R I A N $ 1 3 V

    smoked radishes, asparagus, pickled kale, onion oil, bean sprouts, nori "gluten free option available

  • MA Z E M E N $ 1 4

    brothless ramen local pork meatball, rapini, crispy garlic, scallion, chili oil *vegetarian option available

  • CHUKA SOBA $ 1 4 50

    chilled noodles local egg, cucumber, bean sprouts, tomato, basil, spicy sesame paste, scallion


  • Ice cream scoop
  • Yuzu cake