kō•än seeks to bring stories, food and people back to the former ān cuisines space in Cary, NC. With a focus on humble, tranquil, “food for thought,” kō•än will bring a renewed energy and feel to Cary’s dining scene. kō•än’s menu is focused on sharing food that celebrates the unsung heroes of Southeast Asian cuisine.

Dinner $50


  • Nepali Momos

    green onion, coriander, cabbage, mushroom, red chili

  • Yakimono

    shiso chicken thigh, charred wagyu, shishito, tare

  • Beef Tartare

    gochujang, shallot, baguette, egg yolk, ginger


  • Zaru Soba

    chilled buckwheat noodles, sesame, wasabi, spring onion, dashi

  • NC Pork Loin Chop

    sichuan sweet potato mash, peach chutney, charred squash, pickled onion

  • Vietnamese Crepe

    NC shrimp, bacon, pork belly, herbs, butter lettuce, mung beans, nuoc cham


  • Raspberry

    cheesecake mousse, creme fraiche, lemon, graham cracker

  • Cookies

    cashew and dark chocolate chip