kō•än seeks to bring stories, food and people back to the former ān cuisines space in Cary, NC. With a focus on humble, tranquil, “food for thought,” kō•än will bring a renewed energy and feel to Cary’s dining scene. kō•än’s menu is focused on sharing food that celebrates the unsung heroes of Southeast Asian cuisine.

Dinner $35


  • Hamachi Sashimi

    yuzu ponzu, cilantro oil, summer truffle, mango

  • Charkuterie

    local country ham, duck rillettes, foie gras torchon, thai basil, pickles, NC mustard, toasted baguette

  • Heirloom Tomatoes

    cucumber, shallot, thai basil, tomato vinaigrette, lotus root


  • PEI Mussels

    thai basil pesto, cherry tomatoes, toasted baguette, lemongrass cream

  • Katsudon

    local pork loin, steamed rice, poached egg, pickles, scallion (veg option, delight soy)

  • NC Coulotte

    charred broccolini, soy demi glace, sweet potatoes, sesame


  • Cream of Corn

    popcorn bark, compressed peaches, raspberry puree, thyme, kettlecorn

  • Fresh baked cookies

    Macadamia Chocolate chip *Please allow twelve minutes for baking*