Krill is a vibrant, fun atmosphere, where classic Asian dishes are served with fun, funky twists, alongside fresh, creative cocktails, sake and wine.

Jason Lawless serves as Executive Chef of Parizade and Chef/Partner of Krill – both beloved Giorgios Hospitality Group restaurants based in Durham, NC. His star-studded career began after graduating from Scottsdale Culinary Institute of Arizona. He boasts training with some of the most well-known chefs of our time. For instance, Lawless served as Executive Sous Chef of Gray Kunz’ Café Gray and Chef de Partie at Chef Cardoz’s Tabla – both in New York City – and received additional training with World renowned chef Alain Ducasse at MIX in New York City and Stephan Pyles’ at Star Canyon in Dallas. A seasoned leader in the kitchen, Lawless also served as Executive Chef at Tocqueville and One White Street in New York City, and in Vermont at the Woodstock Inn & Resort. Lawless directs the menus and teams at Parizade and Krill, and will celebrate Parizade’s 30th anniversary this Fall.

Dinner $40


  • Wheat vermicelli soup (Misua soup)

    zucchini, onions, garlic, scallion, hard boiled egg

  • Popcorn chicken

    Szechuan spice mix, Thai basil, sweet chili aioli

  • General Tsao fried cauliflower

    Calamansi, scallions, sesame seeds


  • Crab young chao fried rice

    Chinese sausage, carrots, red onions, peas, eggs, tamari

  • Duck ramen

    Pickled ginger, bamboo shoots, Chinese broccoli, hard boiled egg

  • Filipino style bbq belly

    Banana ketchup glaze, pickled papaya, seasoned vinegar dipping sauce

  • Stir fry Glass noodles

    Shiitake mushroom, jicama, scallions, red onions, cabbage, carrots, chili oil, peanuts


  • Maja blanca brulee ( Coconut pudding )

    Toasted coconut flakes, Japanese corn, corn flakes

  • Peach mango cheesecake