Nikos stands as a treasure trove of flavors distilled from Greece and the surrounding regions—spanning the southern coast of Crete to the north of Mount Athos, and from the Ionian islands to the Aegean Sea. We proudly honor our ancestral fare, inviting guests to embark on a culinary journey that encompasses health, wisdom, dreams, passions, and the timeless pursuit of ideas that transcend boundaries.

Brunch $25

Mezes (choose one)

  • Mini meze platter

    Tzatziki, hummus , Turkish carrot served with bazlama

  • Fattoush salad
  • HORIATIKI salad
  • Zucchini cakes
  • Avgolemono soup
  • Batata hará

Main plates

  • Lemon pancakes
  • Eggs shakshuka
  • Chicken shawarma
  • Greek quiche


  • Baklava

    date and walnut, With feta date ice

  • Semolina brown butter cake

    white chocolate ganache, burnt honey syrup

Dinner $45

Mezes (Choose one)

  • Mini meze platter

    (served with bazlama bread)- Tzatziki, Hummus, Turkish carrot

  • Spanakopita
  • Horiatiki salad
  • Avgolemono soup

Main course (Choose one)

  • Byzantine chicken
  • Short ribs YOUVETSI
  • Salmon PLAKI

Desserts (Choose one

  • Baklava

    date and walnuts with feta date ice cream

  • Semolina brown butter cake

    white chocolate ganache brunt honey syrup