Sitti’s cuisine honors the Lebanese tradition of welcoming guests with delectable food and exceptional hospitality. Immerse yourself in Lebanese culture as you savor our authentic yet modern menu composed of an extensive variety of mezze, house-baked flatbreads, and entrees. These distinct culinary offerings partnered with our warm and inviting dining room, featuring a communal table and antique Art Deco bar, create an intimate atmosphere for family and friends to enjoy quality time together. Remember to ask our team about our unique selection of Lebanese liquors, beers, and wines as well as our sensational spirit-free beverages to pair with your meal.

Chef Reagan Walker, born and raised in North Carolina, embarked on her journey in the culinary arts due to her passion for creating recipes in her own kitchen. Although she has been a member of the Sitti family for less than a year, her time in the industry spans 15 years. The synergy between her expertise and creativity results in the unique features on our menu each week, and she enjoys experimenting with new baklava flavors the most. When Reagan’s not crafting Lebanese cuisine, she loves physical activity and live music (especially jam bands!).


Select one dish from each course
$50 per person
Dinner only