The Merchant


Product Description

The Merchant NC is meant to pay homage to a forgotten piece of Raleigh’s rich history. This building located in the heart of Downtown Raleigh has served many purposes over the years; from the headquarters for the North Carolina Merchant’s Association (in which the space now derives its name), to being an early example of Female African American entrepreneurship with E.G. Hats, a hat shop owned by Emma Goza in the 80’s, to most recently serving as food and beverage establishments. Now, the space serves as an escape from the worries and concerns of the world. From the creative cocktails to the beautiful aesthetics, every aspect was thought over with fierce attention to detail. The cocktails are both unique and interactive, and are meant to be a fresh approach to the cocktail world, even offering non-alcoholic spirits and cocktails for those who do not partake in the libations, but still enjoy the social environment. The decor features both rough and high end finishes from the exposed brick and skulls lurking on the walls and throughout the space (which almost metaphorically hint at the homage to the “bones” of this building being the inspiration), to the enormous crystal chandelier, white marble tables, and the gold accents.

3 Courses (Choice of One Item Per Course)