Bee Banhmi


Product Description

Bee Banhmi has been continuing its journey of bringing the rise of Vietnamese sandwiches. The Taste of Vietnamese Sandwiches here have diversified. There are also many kinds of food pursuing customer’s tastes such as Vegan/Vegetarian or Meat choice of Banhmi , Salad, Noodle Bowls, Rice Platter, BaoBun, Rolls, Snacks( Dumpling/Shumai/Rocket Shrimp) , Boba Tea, Smoothie and More. A lean & spacious dining area, fast service , enthusiastic staff, and delicious foods & drinks with great tasting until the last bite.
Bee BanhMi, Bee Happy.

3 Courses for only $20

Dine in /Take Out ALL DAY LONG
Pick One on Each Course